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Permanent Residence


Under the Global Investor Programme (GIP), investors who are interested in starting up a business or investing in Singapore may apply for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) status.


PR is given for an initial period of five years to the investor and their family and may be renewable up to 5 years after that if certain conditions are fulfilled.


During this time, investors will have to spend time living in Singapore and are allowed to conduct business in the country, send their children to local schools, travel freely within the nation and participate in other aspects of daily life.

Benefits of PR



  • Decisions made within 3 months of submitting application

  • 5 year PR given

  • May be able to renew for 3 or 5 year period afterward


  • Able to start your own business

  • Able to conduct business in global commercial, financial and transport hub

  • East access to international companies and expertise

  • Strong currency

Family Security

  • Spouse and children below 21 can be added to the program (any male children below 21 will have to enrol in national military service)

  • Grandparents and children above 21 are unable to apply for PR, but can be given a 5 year long term visit pass

  • Outstanding lifestyle in a safe environment and easy access to education, health and housing facilities


Requirements and Assessment

1. You have a substantial business track record; and

2. You have successful entrepreneurial background


  • Must possess at least 3 years of entrepreneurial and business track record and must possess audited financial statements of your company for the last 3 years

  • Your company must only be engaged in one or more of the industries listed in Annex A

  • Your company’s turnover must be at least S$50 million in the year immediately preceding your application, at at least $50 million per annum on average for the three years preceding your application

  • If your company is privately held, you should have at least 30% shareholding in the company

PR Routes

If you meet the requirements for PR, there are two routes through which to invest to receive PR:


  1. Invest at least S$2.5 million in a new business entity or in the expansion of an existing business operation

  2. Invest at least S$2.5 million in a GIP fund that invests in Singapore-based companies


Costs (in Singaporean Dollars)

For more information on costs relating to this program, please contact us.

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about the Singapore PR program or applying, please contact us by clicking here.

Special Notes


  • Applications are usually processed within 2-6 months of submission.

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