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  • Turkey is a transcontinental country located between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Turkey is bordered by Greece and Bulgaria to its northwest; Georgia to its northeast; Armenia and Iran to the east; and Iraq and Syria to the south.

  • The politics of Turkey takes place within a Presidential system. The current President is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  • The capital of Turkey is Ankara, but the most populous city is Istanbul.

  • The current population of Turkey is over 80 million people.

  • Due to Turkey’s size and geography, the country experiences all four major climates throughout the year. Temperatures range from below zero in certain parts of the nation in the winter, to over 30 degrees in the summer.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme (TCBI)


The revised Turkish Citizenship by Investment (TCBI) programme was introduced in Sept 2018.Under the new regulations, foreigners and their families can obtain Turkish citizenship if they:

1) Purchase property at a minimum of USD $400,000 (this can be one property or a combination) and not sell said property for a term of 3 years


2) Deposit $500,000 USD into a Turkish bank for 3 years.

Benefits of TCBI


  • Muslim country offering democratic and modern lifestyle

  • Safe and friendly society for families to live and vacation in

  • Perfectly located between Europe, Asia and the Middle East

  • High quality of life

  • Excellent free education and health facilities

  • Beautiful climate throughout the year

  • No residency in Turkey required

  • Easy to do business

Passport and Travel

  • 117 countries visa free

  • Easy to obtain long term visas for EU, US, Canada and UK

  • Immediate residence issued after investment. Citizenship in 6 months

  • Citizenship valid for life

  • Citizenship transferable to descendants

  • Top 50 passports

  • 10 year validity for each passport booklet

  • Dual passports allowed



  • Purchase of property or bank deposit

  • Be above 18 years old

  • No wealth declaration needed

  • Minimum of two visits required P

  • Passport collection in 6 months


Costs (in USD)

For more information on costs relating to this program, please contact us.

Next Steps


If you are interested in learning more about the TCBI programme or applying, please contact us by clicking here.





Special Notes

  • TCBI applications take approximately 6 months to process before receiving citizenship and passports

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Special notes
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